We believe that it is always the research objective or the purpose of the education programme that defines the preferences, and thus, any required and available technology (framework, media editing tool, etc.) can be used in our research.

  • All our instructional materials are experimental:
    • As the core activities of ALUMNUS ID Lab focus on research & development & innovation, our instructional materials are primarily developed for answering research questions and/or for the implementation of empirical experiments. ALUMNUS ID Lab does not develop instructional materials for individual orders, except for tailor-made requests for specific research purposes; therefore, all our instructional materials are experimental and serve research and development objectives (even in cases they do not seem so).
    • All our experimental materials are in compliance with the relevant quality assurance guidelines. We only share instructional materials that are suitable for learning purposes and present no hazard to their users. There might be some learning materials and/or courses that could indeed be better (with more impressive multimedia content, better structure, etc.); these are “faulty” because the research requires these deficiencies.
    • Some learning materials and courses are available with the same content but with different designs, because the research behind
      them is based on control group comparative experiments. In these cases, despite the differences, all of the available materials are suitable for learning purposes, and we try to support the users’ choice with practical recommendations.
  • e-learning development aims to develop instructional materials. The process starts with the definition of the educational objectives and ends with the measurement of the objective-related learning effectiveness or the follow-up of the learning performance; either way, the development process should always go beyond simple media editing. In some cases, we offer not only courses, but complete educational programmes; these are the products of our educational programme development experiments.
  • The developed materials can be significantly different in terms of their educational objectives, contents, target groups and size, because we provide research opportunities for non-conventional developments as well; thus the sometimes strange topics, unusual target groups or exceptional (creative) course development solutions.
  • In accordance with the relevant research in the background, we provide our e-learning materials in Hungarian or in English language.